TSI is a technology company founded in 1992 with the intention of enabling SME's to integrate technology into their work environment to improve productivity. TSI is composed of a talented team of professionals with complementary skill sets, knowledge and expertise ready to assist you in getting the most out of your ICT infrastructure from the initial planning during strategy sessions with TSI through to daily operational assistance allowing you to focus on your company's core competence efficiently.

TSI's Values
  • Uncompromising quality
  • Integrity, openness and honesty
  • Perseverance, despite the odds
  • Knowledge transfer and sharing
  • Stimulation and challenge
  • A good sense of humour
  • Teamwork and partnership
  • Long-standing, sincere relationships
  • A 'can make a plan' attitude
  • Using technology to help our clients grow
Your Team at TSI

Michael Brunzlik
As TSI’s founder and managing director, Michael is focused on business management and technical systems architecture, as well as on ensuring TSI’s continued smooth sailing. He is also a multi-faceted leader, with a National Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Light Current), a Toastmasters qualification, a technical writing course behind him. Renowned for his leadership style and for his dynamic hands-on workshops covering computer architecture and support, networking fundamentals, advanced TCP/IP, intrusion detection and prevention systems and IT security. Michael’s 30+ years of experience are behind his vision of providing strategic, skilled IT services with a solid understanding of the underlying technologies driving efficiency.

Neill Rosenthal

At TSI Neill is a director who is responsible for systems analysis and software development, while also lending a helping hand with company navigation in the form of marketing and general oversight. Drawing on his BSc Engineering degree and 30+ years’ experience in the software industry, Neill also heads up the company’s LabInfo LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) offering. Since 2004, the LabInfo project has matured well and is now successfully in use in a variety of laboratories. Neill enjoys the mix of client interaction with hands-on software design and development.

Finance Team:
Keeping alligned with changing times, Sasha Havenga joined TSI in 2019. Bringing a fresh vibrancy to the organization she is responsible for all finance related operations. She has done an outstanding job of slotting in with our “customer first” objectives. Sasha is detail oriented, self-motivated and consistently proves to be an asset of good quality. Her knowledge of finance has been tremendous help, and her work ethic ensured she has become indispensable to our company.

Technical Support Services:

Since TSI offers a broad spectrum of services in specialised technical disciplines, key areas of competence are essential to ensure that we are in a position to assist and service clients needs. TSI retains a team of multi-disciplined technical consultants from various IT related fields including, but not limited to, Server (Windows or Linux), desktop (Linux or Windows), remote systems and operations including development, ops automation and networking infrastructure. Our skills base enable us to deliver in a digitised knowledge economy. TSI has a technical edge in delivering on SLA, retainer based and ad-hoc services.