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Datacentre / Server Room monitoring

Server Room and Data Centre Monitoring systems allow users to remotely monitor temperature, humidity and other conditions in the environment. Remote monitoring is done via IP so you can access sensor information on your network, via the Internet or GSM network.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Air Flow
  • Flood
  • Power (On/Off)
  • Smoke
  • Door (Open/Close)
  • UPS Monitoring (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

ProbeInfo makes sure your IT infrastructure is measured and controlled efficiently. Alarm conditions can be set to warn of critical conditions via email and/or SMS.

Fridge/Freezer Monitoring

Monitoring of Fridges and Freezers for Safety and Legislation - Health and Safety Legislation makes the monitoring of fridge and freezer temperature essential. ProbeInfo enables easy monitoring of fridge and freezer temperature details and fluctuations, keeping the data online and within easy access for printing of digital reports for audits and other reporting needs.

Using the correct refrigerator monitoring systems means that you not only will be complying with legislation but you will also save money, because products have a longer shelf life if they are maintained at the correct temperature.

Due to ProbeInfo having the ability for customization, it is able to send an alert to you of any change in refrigeration temperature outside specified norms so that immediate action can be taken to avoid the spoiling of frozen or refrigerated goods. Continual drastic fluctuations may be indicative of faulty equipment allowing you to repair or replace the equipment reducing loss and increasing efficiency.

HACCP - Within the food industry HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) must be complied with. Using our solutions you can provide proof that  you have met these requirements in the form of detailed reports.

Frozen Goods Transportation

Transportation of goods, such as food and medicine - Goods that are transported need to be monitored to ensure that the freshness and quality of the goods are perfect. These can be either frozen goods, chilled goods or medical products.

Goods transportation monitoring systems need to comply with HACCP regulations to ensure that the goods being transported are done so in a safe way, to guarantee the quality of the products when they arrive at their destination.

ProbeInfo allows the user to monitor their goods while in transit so upon reaching its destination you can be confident in the knowledge your produce has not been adversely affected by the elements.

Whether you need to comply with HACCP regulations or need to keep record of the conditions under which your goods have been transported, ProbeInfo is ideal for you.

Food Preparation Monitoring

Food preparation temperature measuring and logging - Food Preparation Monitoring is about ensuring that food is safe for human consumption, it is important that food is prepared in a safe way. These safety standards are upheld with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) legislation. HACCP is used in the food industry to identify potential food safety hazards.

ProbeInfo can be used to remotely monitor and record the conditions under which food is prepared. This aids with the monitoring of critical control points in the preparation of foodstuffs. The room temperature is monitored continually from the start of raw food production to the end of the process ensuring the product is prepared in a controlled environment. Helping avoid physical, chemical and biological hazards at critical control points.

ProbeInfo is a complete monitoring solutions for the food industry. They are designed with our temperature sensors and give a rich set of other features including active feedback path, for the closed loop control of food storage and processing. Our modular approach means that systems can be built to fit most situations - your situation!

Active feedback path systems can include text messaging or e-mail response types, complementing and enhancing your HACCP system. Multi-sensing modules can detect temperature, as well as whether a fridge/freezer door has been opened, with warnings about doors being left open.

Sensor data collection in ProbeInfo is automatic and regular, eliminating human error and providing a timed log of results on a continuous basis.

Museum & Art Gallery Monitoring

ProbeInfo is suited for monitoring Museums and Art Galleries - Monitoring and controlling the temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters in a Museum, Art Gallery or Archive Store is essential. With irreplaceable artefacts and priceless works of art environmental monitoring is a must have requirement.

ProbeInfo provides a wide range of temperature monitoring and control systems so your temperature levels are maintained at the optimal levels. This will significantly increase the life-span of expensive and irreplaceable artefacts, allowing them to viewed and enjoyed for many years to come.

Power Monitoring Solutions

ProbeInfo can monitor power and energy flows. In power systems there can be fluctuation in power flow that can effect or damage vital systems or machinery. Installing ProbeInfo to monitor the power flow is a simple and cost effective way to limit losses through damage.

ProbeInfo enables you to monitor a power or energy supply accurately with real time data and remotely monitor electrical equipment and installations across an entire electrical network. ProbeInfo also enables you to see how much power you are using, giving you greater control of your power consumption.

ProbeInfo is ideal for monitoring power in data centres, racks and server rooms where power and environmental conditions need to be monitored and managed closely.

Healthcare Solutions

Environmental monitoring is a great way for organisations to safe-guard their critical equipment from the elements. ProbeInfo warns the user of any impending dangers which may damage or break expensive equipment. In the case of Health Services, technical equipment is both expensive and can make the difference between life and death. Down-time isn’t an option and the consequences of a broken machine or spoilt medicine can prove fatal.

ProbeInfo gives the user immediate updates from sensors, so that you are always aware of any situation as it occurs. Alerts can be set as audible alarms, e-mails, SNMP traps, SMS text messages or a GSM recorded voice call.

Water Leak & Flood Monitoring

Water leak or flood damage is often very costly so it’s well worth making sure you’re protected against any potential risk from water leak or flooding. It’s not just your expensive electrical systems or data that’s prone to water damage but also the interior of the room with carpets, wall and even flooring at risk.

ProbeInfo provides several solutions to warn you before a leak or flood becomes critical and puts your systems at risk. So if you require a very simple solution for Water Leak & Flood Monitoring, ProbeInfo is perfect for you.

Property Monitoring Systems

Suitable Products for Residential House - ProbeInfo is not just for business use, but can be used to make sure the temperature of your fish tank is just right or make sure your fridge/freezer hasn't turned off.

Residential Uses:

  • Monitoring Temperature/Humidity For Pets
  • Monitoring Second Home
  • Swimming Pool Monitoring
  • Flood Monitoring
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Door Access
  • CO Monitoring
  • Fridge/Freezer Monitoring

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