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ProbeInfo provides you with a solution that allows the monitoring of a variety of different components in your company’s infrastructure and sends out automatic alerts if any thresholds are breached. It also provides you with the ability to graph out your data so that you can easily spot trends and proactively intervene resulting in no unplanned downtime.

Probeinfo is built on numerous open source tools, including the industry standard Nagios, RRDtool and Cacti, therefore it can be customised to meet any monitoring and graphing need.

With ProbeInfo you can:


  • monitor and track multiple environment variables and well as hardware/software status.
  • send out exception alarms and well as pro-active alerting via e-mail/sms as well as visual/audible alarms.
  • build up a history so that it can be graphed and trends proactively identified and issues rectified.
  • consolidate all you monitoring into one interface making it easier for you to manage your infrastructure.

Some of the variables that can be monitored are:

  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Tank Levels
  • Light
  • Air Flow
  • Power (On / Off & Energy)
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Door Status (Open / Close)
  • UPS Monitoring
  • Any devices that provide 4-20mA, 0-15V DC, a potential-free contact, or a stream of pulses to be counted.
  • SNMP enabled devices eg. network switches, environment monitoring devices etc.
  • Network services eg. web servers, database servers etc.

 To learn more about ProbeInfo, please read our ProbeInfo blog

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