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ProbeInfo is a customizable solution which enables monitoring and data capture from various elements within company infrastructure. Monitoring: Alerts can be issued as notifications when an event takes place. Events may be a change in state, an error condition or a breach in threshold that requires action. Data Capture: Captures the telemetry provided by the sensors which is collated for storage or data mining purposes. The data can be graphed and analyzed to reveal trends for planning and proactive management of the target element or elements. Proactive intervention is possible, enabling reduced or nominal unplanned downtime and assists potentially in preventative maintenance.


ProbeInfo is built on carefully selected open source platforms, including industry standards such as:Nagios, RRD Tool and Cacti. The inclusion of open source technology allows for customization to meet most concieveable monitoring and graphing needs.

ProbeInfo Features


  • Monitor and track multiple environment variables
  • Monitor and track hardware/software status
  • Send out exception alarms
  • Pro-active alerting via e-mail/sms as well as visual/audible alarms
  • Collate a data history for graphed display which enables trends to be proactively identified and issues rectified
  • Consolidate all you monitoring into one interface making it easier for you to manage your infrastructure

Hardware Platform

Probeinfo utilises the Raspbery PI as an integration interface. The Raspberry PI offers a number of native capabilities which make it a powerfull and customizable device, aptly suited for this application. The PI is easily networkable, with native support for a linux based operating system powering its ARM based processor. The platform is therefore highly customisable, either by adpating freely available open source applications, allowing for bespoke applications to be developed per application.

Owing to the native ethernet support, multiple ProbeInfo devices can ne implemented on the same internal network infrastructure or spanned across disparate networks, and the data colation and monitoring woulod continue seamlessly.

Variable Monitoring Options

When selecting the options to monitor, these may provide a simple ON / OFF notification, analog signal or a digitised representation of the value being measured.

 Status (ON / OFF) Analog Digitised Advanced
  • Power (On / Off & Energy)
  • Door Status (Open / Close)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Tank Levels
  • Air Flow
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Tank Levels
  • Air Flow
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Any devices that provide 4-20mA, 0-15V DC, a potential-free contact, or a stream of pulses to be counted.
  • SNMP enabled devices eg. network switches, environment monitoring devices etc.Network services eg. web servers, database servers etc.
  • UPS Monitoring


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