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LabInfo has come a long way since it was first conceived. We would like to take a look back at how the people involved in LabInfo creation were involved in the deployment and support of the earlier LIMS systems.

  1. Michael, TSI's founder and MD, was team member on first LIMS project for the then named Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (now called DEA) lab at Roodeplaat Dam in 1990. The term “LIMS” was not yet established.
  2. Instrument integration to get results directly into the LIMS Database (mostly older generation legacy integration with electronic expertise) avoiding the transcribing and recapture of data was a strong objective.
  3. Legacy and proprietary hardware, operating systems and software (HP Scientific and Business computers using HP9000 and HP3000 series with Oracle Database – total system upgrade cost in 2000 was around R1.5mil).
  4. TSI approached by the Tshwane Daspoort Water Lab early in 2004 to explore providing the same functionality as was in place at the Roodeplaat Lab but the current costing was a deal breaker.
  5. TSI had been exploring the new technology emerging at the time called Open Source based around the Linux Operating System and an already huge and very credible base of software that was almost all freely available and unencumbered by proprietary licensing.
  6. A functional specification was compiled for the Daspoort needs and TSI informally partnered with the Lab management to deliver a LIMS solution using Open Source technologies – project was successfully delivered within the planned time and on budget at 1/10th of the previous proprietary system cost.
  7. The successful Daspoort LIMS project formed the foundation of TSI’s LabInfo.
  8. Over the next 10 years a number of additional clients came on board with each client representing a new vertical market (Water, Pharmaceuticals, Mining and Minerals, Food Processing, etc.) allowing LabInfo to mature with additional rich functionality.
  9. TSI embarked on launching LabInfo into the general market place in early 2010’s.

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