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LabInfo is a Laboratory Management System (LIMS), enabling you to deliver on cost effective operation of your laboratory. The system faciliates an information management approach to Laboratory Operations, configurable regardless of Laboratory size and budgetary constraints.

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 LabInfo : Affordable, versatile Laboratory Information System (LIMS). LabInfo is available as LabInfo - Lite, LabInfo - Standard and LabInfo - Enterprise. Each SKU confiurable to cater to specific Laboratory needs and deliverables.

 Cost Effective:LabInfo is available in three derivatives, enabling scaling of the implementation to suit both lab work and budget.  Return On Investment: Power up your Laboratory with LabInfo using our realiable and cost effective solution. LabInfo provides an extensible management system, producing certifiable results.

LabInfo is engineered to scale proactively to the needs of a smaller operation using LabInfo - Lite, a medium Laboratory using LabInfo - Standard and finally a Laboratory with an enterprise workload using LabInfo - Enterprise.

Use LabInfo in one of its derivatives to achive the following gains:


  • Centralise Laboratory data, enabling your lab users with up to dat information on what they are working on with current data sets.
  • Eliminate double work, improve productivity reducing errors with bi-directional instrument integration.
  • Reporting made easy -  customised reporting, graphing and analysis and the ability to extract data into spreadsheet to analyse in Microsoft Excel.
  • Regulatory Compliance - LabInfo offers you numerous functions to ensure regulatory compliance eg. secure log-on, comprehensive audit trails, tracking of chemicals and equipment used for analyses etc.
  • Maximum uptime - We can provide you with a standby solution as well as take care of your backups so you do not have to worry about your data.
  • Custom development - As we are the developers of LabInfo, we can customise it to meet specific requirements.
  • Easy to understand web interface meaning no software installation is needed, just a web browser.
  • With our SaaS (Software as a Service) model you don't have to worry about huge upfront costs when acquiring a LIMS.


Purchase on the CAPEX model and decide within three months of installing the system. If LabInfo doesn’t meet your lab’s needs, we’ll refund you the full purchase price excluding implementation, customisation, training and any other manpower costs.


To learn more about ProbeInfo, please contact us via the contact us page

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