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Voice over IP, or VoIP as it is more commonly know, is basically the carrying of voice over internet technologies. It has come a long way over the last decade and can be a very cost effective solution as a PABX for SME’s, as well as providing for cheaper call rates.

With a TSI PABX VoIP solution you can choose a payment method to suit your capital budgeting needs. We also offer various options on VoIP trunks so that you get the best quality and call rates.

The benefits of VoIP enable PABX include:

  • Lower costs than running a traditional analogue PABX.
  • Lower call rates for national and international calls.
  • Single network infrastructure, meaning you save time and money by not having to install and maintain a separate telephone infrastructure.
  • A rich feature set, meaning that a lower end VoIP enabled PABX can give you features previously only available on higher end analogue PABX’s.
  • A VoIP enabled PABX can much more easily integrate with other technologies such as email, instant messenger, social media applications etc., making it possible for you to realise the potential of unified communication.

Service mobility in the context that if a user is moving desk, they can either take their phone with them, or just log off from their current phone and login again at the phone at their new desk.

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