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Are you a growing company who cannot justify hiring a full time CIO to develop your IT strategy?

Then you are the ideal candidate to allow TSI IT Consulting to meet your IT needs on a C-level. With TSI IT Consulting you get the best of both worlds as we can guide you at a strategic level to ensure that you implement a proper and cost-effective IT framework to gain the maximum benefit from your IT infrastructure while reducing your risks.

TSI IT Consulting services ensure that your company:

  • has a trusted IT adviser to assist in evaluating IT solutions.
  • is advised on making the correct investments in IT and earn an ROI from the use of IT.
  • is assured that implemented IT solutions do contribute to achieving strategic objectives.
  • will achieve best practice on all IT implementations.
  • has proper monitoring for the level and performance of all IT services.
  • is provided with guidance on IT security.
  • is provided with guidance on technical documentation to ensure that your company meets audit requirements.
  • is provided with guidance on new and emerging technologies, for example, currently the increasing number of users bringing their mobile devices into the workplace demands attention. And another example is how best to use cloud services in your company and quantify the benefit.
  • is assisted with the assessment of new technologies and advise on how these could best be used in your enterprise eg. cloud computing, virtualization, VOIP, business intelligence etc.

Head Office Address

48 Elnita ave, Northwold, Randburg, South Africa

Phone Number

+27 11 792 1094
+27 10 500 8543

Email Address

General info: info@tsi.co.za
Support: support@tsi.co.za
Sales info: sales@tsi.co.za
Accounts: accounts@tsi.co.za
Webmaster: webmaster@tsi.co.za
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