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With TSI Managed Services you basically get an extension of your IT department, TSI can be your first or second line support to your organisation, so you do not need to hire a specialist for every piece of technology that you have in your IT infrastructure mix.

How it works:

  • TSI will perform a Gap Analysis of your infrastructure to determine where it does not meet best practices. A Gap Analysis report will be generated detailing our findings and how we would recommend they be addressed, along with timelines.
  • TSI will deploy our electronic box of tools (e-Box) onsite to enable us to monitor your infrastructure and provide remote support.
  • Should onsite support be required in rare instances, we will send out one of our site technicians to address the issue. Our site technicians have access to our deep skilled support team back at the TSI offices, so the technician on site is TSI's eyes and ears on site delivering the collective skills and experience of the larger technical team.
  • You sit back and relax knowing that your IT Infrastructure is well taken care of.

The benefits of TSI’s Managed Services are:

  • Scoping a Service Level Agreement to meet your needs in terms of response times and services.
  • Managing your IT Support costs to reduce nasty surprises and keep your peace of mind.
  • Have the ability to track all logged jobs via our Support Central system - we hide nothing from you.
  • TSI manages all your IT related infrastructure including 3rd party providers so that you don’t have to worry about an issue getting resolved, TSI will get to the bottom of it. No more finger pointing and no more having to play judge and jury when vendors don't perform responsibly.
  • TSI will build up knowledge about your IT infrastructure so that issues will be resolved in the shortest possible time.
  • You will have access to TSI’s Strategic IT consulting to ensure that your IT Infrastructure is in line with best practices.
  • You will have access to TSI’s pool of knowledge and experience in the IT and Electronic Engineering fields.
  • TSI will implement pro-active monitoring of your infrastructure to make sure problems are averted before they occur.
  • Never having to worry that your IT staff go on leave, leaving you with no one to contact when you have an IT issue.

Once we have our e-Box installed on your site, we can provide you with remote support, meaning we can assist you within minutes of logging your call.

Head Office Address

48 Elnita ave, Northwold, Randburg, South Africa

Phone Number

+27 11 792 1094
+27 10 500 8543

Email Address

General info: info@tsi.co.za
Support: support@tsi.co.za
Sales info: sales@tsi.co.za
Accounts: accounts@tsi.co.za
Webmaster: webmaster@tsi.co.za
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