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We deliver on the need to implement cost effective IT Infrastructure based on sound, strategic planning. Coupled with extensive technical know how and varied experience, TSI offers a comprehensive range of services meeting the needs of start-up to medium enterprise. Our four-step approach will drive your business into an arena of productivity and return on investment.

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GAP Analysis     Strategic Plan   Project Plan   Managed Services
 This crucial starting point will identify orgnizational needs, areas for improvement and upgrades to align with current technology and services.    The strategic plan, the next proactive step develops a blueprint on how best to leverage existing technology and resources to cater to company needs or business requirements.
   The project plan or implementation road map takes the strategi plan to the next phase implementing the technologies and solutions defined in the Strategic Plan.  Once implemented, the managed services team ensures that the technolgy and solution implementation is running efficiently.


Once the four step process is complete, your organization would have implemented cost effective, uptodate infrastructure.

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